Gossip: When Words Fly Away

It happens at your company’s water cooler or at lunch in the break room. It happens on the neighbor’s porch and most often at...

Graceful Siege Ramps



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Quiet Time with Jesus

  In this modern world, our days are filled with activity and the constant rushing back and forth of communication. Laptops ring with e-mail notifications,...

Prayer & His Divine Opinion

Prayer is the avenue leading to God’s perspective. Through prayer, we can summon our Heavenly Father’s opinion and faithfully demonstrate our ability to believe in His plans.

His Love Solves All Things

Only a God who adores His children, would allow the suffering that Jesus endured to provide the opportunity for every child to be restored...



The Angry Woman

The Joy Stealer

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  • Trump’s Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood Cheers Pro-Life Advocates May 18, 2018
    Administration prepares to propose Title X funding cuts for abortion providers. Pro-life evangelicals are celebrating another move by the Trump administration to cut federal funding for abortion. According to reports, the White House is expected to announce new regulations prohibiting Planned Parenthood and other entities that make abortion referrals from receiving grant money through Title […]
    Kate Shellnutt
  • Dorothy Sayers Did Not Want to Be a Prophet May 18, 2018
    Nevertheless, the saucy British writer made the pious vociferously angry. Between 1941 and 1944, C. S. Lewis gave a series of BBC radio talks, eventually published as Mere Christianity, that are the stuff of legend. Less well known today is a series of BBC broadcasts during the same era written by Dorothy L. Sayers: a […]
    Crystal Downing
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Is Not a Ministry Guide May 18, 2018
    The infamous pyramid was never an accurate description of how people act, let alone a guide to discipleship. You may have been told once or twice: “People can’t hear the gospel if they’re hungry.” I’ve read it dozens of times in statements from pastors in the United States. But where, exactly, does the idea come […]
    Susan Mettes