Gossip: When Words Fly Away

It happens at your company’s water cooler or at lunch in the break room. It happens on the neighbor’s porch and most often at...

Graceful Siege Ramps



Quiet Time with Jesus

  In this modern world, our days are filled with activity and the constant rushing back and forth of communication. Laptops ring with e-mail notifications,...

Prayer & His Divine Opinion

Prayer is the avenue leading to God’s perspective. Through prayer, we can summon our Heavenly Father’s opinion and faithfully demonstrate our ability to believe in His plans.

His Love Solves All Things

Only a God who adores His children, would allow the suffering that Jesus endured to provide the opportunity for every child to be restored...



The Angry Woman

The Joy Stealer

Tell Me Why


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  • Unfriending Convenience
    Why Christians are called to inefficiency in an age of easy living. It was about two years after I signed up for Facebook when I noticed how lackadaisical I had become in my relationships. We’d moved across the country, from Vancouver to Toronto, the year before. It took just one cross-continental flight to shift a […]
    Christina Crook
  • The Gospel in Suburbia: Living on Mission in a “Soul-less” Place
    The deep power of the hope of Jesus Christ can overcome any amount of separation, not matter how soul-less we may feel our communities to be. When you hear the word “suburbia,” what’s your first thought? Quiet, tree-lined streets? Isolation and a lack of connectivity? Kids’ sports games and white-picket fences? And where is God […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • Turkey Keeps American Pastor Behind Bars—At Least for Three More Months
    Andrew Brunson has spent most of the last two years in prison based on wild—or absent—accusations. After nearly two years in a Turkish prison, hopes for the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson have been deferred. A Turkish court ordered 50-year-old pastor to remain bars until at least his next hearing on October 12. On […]
    Griffin Paul Jackson