Gossip: When Words Fly Away

It happens at your company’s water cooler or at lunch in the break room. It happens on the neighbor’s porch and most often at...

Graceful Siege Ramps



Quiet Time with Jesus

  In this modern world, our days are filled with activity and the constant rushing back and forth of communication. Laptops ring with e-mail notifications,...

Prayer & His Divine Opinion

Prayer is the avenue leading to God’s perspective. Through prayer, we can summon our Heavenly Father’s opinion and faithfully demonstrate our ability to believe in His plans.

His Love Solves All Things

Only a God who adores His children, would allow the suffering that Jesus endured to provide the opportunity for every child to be restored...



The Angry Woman

The Joy Stealer

Tell Me Why


RSS The Baptist Press

  • 'Queen of soul' Aretha Franklin rooted in Gospel August 17, 2018
    From the submissive surrender of her "Amazing Grace" to the womanly exclamations of "Respect" and other provocative hits, the late queen of soul Aretha Franklin is widely remembered for the gospel music foundations she learned at her father's Baptist church.
  • EDITORIAL: El obituario August 17, 2018
    El 5 de junio de este año, el periódico Redwood Falls Gazette en Redwood publicó el obituario de Kathleen Dehmlow quién murió a los 80 años en Springfield, Minn. El comienzo del anuncio de su muerte parece bastante común. Indica cuando nació, quiénes fueron sus padres y el nombre de su esposo e hijos.
  • Satanists erect statue outside Ark. Capitol August 17, 2018
    A group from The Satanic Temple temporarily erected a goat-headed, winged statue on the Arkansas State Capitol grounds on Thursday (Aug. 16) to protest the Ten Commandments monument already placed there.
  • Tim Tebow to produce upcoming film, 'Run the Race' August 17, 2018
    Tim Tebow -- the Heisman Trophy winner, football and baseball player, and television broadcaster -- now has another title to add to his resume: movie producer.

RSS Christianity Today

  • Will Trump Sanctions Help Andrew Brunson More Than They Hurt Turkish Christians?
    Religious freedom advocates consider if the need of the one outweighs the needs of the many. Governments are supposed to take care of their citizens. For Andrew Brunson, an American detained in Turkey for almost two years, it may be his best hope. Charged with threatening national security because of alleged ties to terrorist groups, […]
    Jayson Casper
  • Planting Pastors in the New America: A Case for Civic Advocacy Training
    In today’s urban ministry climate, people are not content to settle for “lip service” anymore. I was at the National Latino Evangelical Association a few weeks ago. After I spoke, I was on a panel with several Latino leaders. One of them was Dr. Elizabeth Rios. She is writing her dissertation (for her second doctorate!) […]
    Dr. Elizabath D. Rios
  • How to Avoid the Folly of the Pharisees
    The real mistake made by Jesus' classic adversaries might surprise you. You’ve probably heard someone say at some point “Don’t be such a Pharisee.” Typically these words are uttered when someone is being overly scrupulous in “rule keeping” in the Christian life. If there’s one type of person in the New Testament that you don’t […]
    Brandon D. Crowe