Wednesday, October 17, 2018 6:30 am

Defector Reveals Christianity is Growing in N.Korea Despite Persecution

North Korean defector Kim Chung-Seong revealed that Christianity is growing in Pyongyang despite the hardships and aggression thrown at Christians, Faithwire reports.

War Refugee Shares Inspiring Story through Animation

As a displaced person, Theodor Davidovic relied on relief goods from Christian Aid in the camps. He said he never forgot the food packages given by the Christians. Those parcels saved his life during those tumultuous times. Since then, he vowed to do everything he can to repay the charity group.

Muslims Showed Unity with Christians in London

Leaders of London's Muslim community and its members joined their Christian neighbors for a Eucharistic service in St. John on Bethnal Green.

Church of Sweden to Use Gender-neutral Terms for God

The Church of Sweden decided in November, 2017 to drop the terms "He" and "Lord" to refer to God when conducting services.

Islam to be the World’s Largest Religion by 2070 — Research

According to the latest research of the US-based Pew Research Center, Islam will take over Christianity as the largest religion in the world by 2070. Currently, Islam is the world's second-largest religion (after Christianity), but it is the fastest-growing major religion.

Church Bells Ring Out in Freed Iraqi Town

Church bells rang out over Bartella, Iraq, for the first time in over two years Friday as Iraqi soldiers celebrated their victory over ISIS,...

Majority of UK Christians Feel Marginalized

A recent study showed that an astonishing 93 per cent of Christians living in the United Kingdom feel that their faith is being marginalized by society, The Christian Institute reports.

Bakery Chain Faces Boycott Over Sausage Roll Nativity

Several groups condemned Greggs, a bakery chain giant in the UK, for releasing an advent calendar showing a half-eaten sausage roll in the Nativity scene.

Lost 700-Year-Old Bible Returns to UK Cathedral

A rare medieval Bible returns to Canterbury Cathedral after it was removed from the cathedral\'s library at the time of the Reformation, some 500 years ago.

Christian Universities are on the Rise in Africa

Christian universities are flourishing in Africa. This trend is a result of the rise of Christian adherence and growth of higher education, according to the University World News.

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