Christian Newspaper Uses Manga to Attract Young Followers

A newspaper based in Japan uses cartoons, game apps, and cosplay events to engage the youth in Christianity, reports Japan Times.

Robot Spider on Canadian Cathedral Drew Mixed Reactions

A giant robot spider became famous when it was used in a performance at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, Ontario on July 27.

Muslim Refugees Convert to Christianity in Greece

Nearly 97% of the population in Greece identifies with the Orthodox church, but most of them are only affiliated with the church in terms...

Hungary Donates $1.7 M to Rebuild Lebanese Churches

Hungary is allocating $1.7 million to help rebuild old and damaged Christian churches in Lebanon, Hungarian Free Press reports. The donation will go towards the restoration of 31 churches in nine regions of Lebanon.

Russia Bans Sharing of Faith

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of anti-terrorism laws that also include measures that put tighter restrictions on missionary activity and...

Iraqi Christians Return to ISIS-destroyed Parish

Thousands of Iraqi Christians fled their homes when ISIS took over Mosul in 2014. After more than two years, the militants has fled the...

Sweden Criticized for Giving Bible Tests to Asylum Seekers

Church leaders criticized the Swedish Migration Agency for scrutinizing asylum seekers with tests about the Bible, The Local Europe reports.

Nepal Christians on Trial for Proselytizing

Eight Christian counselors in Nepal will go on trial for proselytizing -- which is against the country's new constitution, Christian Today reports. This trial...

Fear Spreads Among Christians After Church Bombing in Egypt

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a church in Cairo, Egypt a week ago. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack which...

Thousands of Catholic Youths Celebrate Faith in Poland

Thousands of young Catholics in Poland and from other countries gathered on June 3, 2018 to celebrate their faith.

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