Amazing Grace Impromptu A Capella

When people hear the phrase, “How do I know?” the next thing they say is, “How do I know what?” But the key isn’t...

Lifehouse’s Everything Skit

A simple but powerful enactment of how our relationship with the Lord gets intercepted by worldly pursuits and temptations.

One Man Sings All Parts of Old Rugged Cross

One man from Michigan (originally from Zambia) , Kaoma Chende, recorded all four parts of The Old Rugged Cross and then put them together...

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Fewer Americans Go to Religious Services: Pew Survey

The Pew Research Center found that there is a decline among Americans who are regularly attending religious services and the reason is not because of ...

Healthy Eating to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

The following healthy eating guidelines are my secret to maintaining optimal weight and brain health.

Christian Upbringing Lessens Suicidal Behavior in Teens

Researchers found that teenagers brought up in a religious household are less likely to think about suicide or die from suicide.