Scripture Reading: I Chronicles 17:1-27

We read in this passage of how things have slowed a bit in David’s life. David has experienced victory over the Philistines (Chapter 14), he has brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem (Chapter 13), and his conflicts with Saul are over. David has had great victories and blessings in his life, and now we read of David sitting in his house.

If I have to feel saved to be saved, then I will not be saved most of the time.

I wonder, how long has it been since some of us have taken the time from our busy schedules to count our blessings, look at the good, and ponder God’s greatness? While David sat in his house, thinking on God and His goodness, I can imagine him “swelling up” and even getting a little emotional.

I know that being a Christian is more than about emotion, but I am glad that I can feel something in regard to a relationship with Jesus. I have heard it said that, “If I have to feel saved to be saved, then I will not be saved most of the time.”

To be a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ is not limited to “feelings”—it is experiential! I know the change He has made in my life. I know how He has restored my relationship with my wife and kids. I know that I am not perfect, but praise the Lord, I am forgiven!

I have experienced God’s mercy and grace! Have you? If God has blessed you, helped you, protected you, changed you, or saved you, count your blessings and share them with someone this week!